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Keith Gates: Music

Gary Buchanan

Gary Buchanan played in the orchestra in the premiere of Migle and the Bugs
Gary Buchanan

Gary Robert Buchanan founded The Foundation Orchestra in 1988 and has been the ensemble's Conductor, principal Composer, and Arranger since that time. Along with his post here in Reno, Buchanan serves as Music Director for the Foundation Orchestra Association, the Andean Explorers Foundation & Ocean Sailing Club, of which he is also Executive Secretary, Music Director of the International Community of Christ, and is a regular guest conductor in the region with the Carson City Symphony and The Ruby Mountain Symphony in Elko, Nevada. He has received numerous compositional commissions from the latter under the auspices of the Northern Nevada Concert Orchestra Association. For over 35 years Buchanan has been composing, conducting, traveling and teaching around the globe. His publications and recordings are extensive.