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Keith Gates: Music

Steven Sherrill

Steven Sherrill played in the orchestra in the premiere of Migle and the Bugs. He also copied the parts for Migle; some of these parts are held by the New York Public Library.
Steven Sherrill

Steven Sherrill has been a music librarian with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra since 1987. He has established a website dedicated to the interests of orchestra librarians, and for over ten years now has served as webmaster for the Major Orchestra Librarians' Association (MOLA). He recently produced a series of video tutorials on the operations and methods of orchestra librarians.

In his early career with the orchestra, Steven prepared music for the Robert Shaw Workshops at Carnegie Hall, and was one of two orchestra librarians serving at the 1996 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies. He has served three music directors and he has contributed to the support and orientation of five assistant conductors at the ASO, as well as numerous managers and instrumentalists of the orchestra. He has also served the ASO as assistant personnel manager and artist assistant.

At Georgia State University, he presented a seminar sponsored by the American Music Center on the subject of music preparation and notation for composers. He has represented the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at seven conferences of the Major Orchestra Librarians' Association.

His early musical training was on piano and, later, on trombone and bass. His graduate studies were in music theory at Georgia State University. Most of his early career was spent in the recording studio where he was a music copyist and orchestrator. In addition to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Opera, the Fox Theater, and the Alliance Theater, Steven has written and prepared music for numerous musical organizations including orchestras, bands, chamber ensembles, and choruses across the U.S. and abroad. (NCSA '67/'71)